Abrasive Wheels Awareness Course

Course Overview

The course can be held as a ‘stand-alone’ course or as part of a triple certification course. A tested and company certificated activity-based course with a syllabus covering the legal aspects and theory related to use of abrasive wheels and associated safety and health hazards

The course involves awareness of risks from incorrect fitting and use of abrasive wheels and includes by-product hazards from cutting activities. Whilst there is guidance in use of cutting equipment, no cutting activities will take place during this course.

Course Duration

2.5 – 3 hours.


Those that need to assess the risks from use of abrasive wheels and those that need to select and change abrasive wheels and supervisors. Operatives experienced in the use of related cutting equipment.

Course Contents

Course explanation and aims Wheel damage causation (activity group work – pairs)
Physical Hazards (activity group work – pairs) Pre-use precautions and checks
Health Hazards (activity group work – pairs) Wheel selection and changing (activity – individual)
Control methods including extraction, suppression, guarding, PPE & RPE Films shall be used to reinforce good practice and to highlight malpractice
Abrasive wheel types, format information, equipment conditions, uses and selection Theoretical test (multiple choice)
Abrasive Wheels Awareness Course

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