Construction (Design and Management) Course

Course Overview

A tested and company certificated activity-based course with a syllabus covering the legal aspects and good practice relating to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The course can be designed as an overall course looking at the general requirements from all duty-holders; or where block-booked, concentrate on the specific requirements of any of the duty holders in detail related to your company undertakings.

Course Duration

3 - 4 hours / 8 hours


Those that are involved in planning and managing construction projects, (e.g. Clients, Designers, and Contractors).

Course Contents

Course explanation and aims Welfare requirements (Schedule 2)
General structure, key elements, interpretation and duty-holders The Principles of Prevention
Client Duties (including notification and appointments) Part IV (delegate dependent)
General duties (including; Contractor, Principal Contractor, Designer and Principal Designer) Monitoring
The Health and Safety File Prepare Pre-Construction Information (Delegate dependent and commence the Health and Safety File)
The Pre-Construction Information Prepare a Construction Phase Plan (Delegate dependent)
The Construction Phase Plan Theoretical multiple-choice test
Accident Investigation Course

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