Noise and Vibration Course

Course Overview

The course can be held as a ‘stand-alone’ course or as part of a double certification course. A tested and company certificated activity-based course with a syllabus covering the legal aspects of noise and vibration regulations together with hazard assessment and control identification.

Course Duration

3 - 4 hours


Those that need to assess the risks from activities that generate noise and vibration, Supervisors and General operatives that may be exposed to the risks.

Course Contents

Noise Vibration
Course explanation and aims Course explanation and aims
Legal requirements Legal requirements
What is noise? Vibration risks
How do we hear sounds? Symptoms of conditions
Can we measure noise? Vibration values
Will noise harm me? Equipment emission rates
Health effects Calculation
Assessment and control measures Control measures
Theoretical multiple-choice test Theoretical multiple-choice test
Noise and Vibration Course

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